Tradition is change

Sweden has many buildings and environments of great value to its national cultural history. Each one is part of the nation's history and its future.

The National Property Board Sweden aims to make all Swedes proud of these national treasures – palaces and royal parks, theatres, museums, embassies, and property comprising one seventh of the total land mass of Sweden. All are owned by the Swedes collectively, and the duty of the Board is to administer them in the best possible way.

Our task is not only to maintain the soul and character of each building, but also to adapt them to present day needs and uses for the benefit and enjoyment of tenants and the general public alike. Just as important as passing on the history behind existing buildings is the creation of new buildings worthy of the future. We are therefore commissioned by the Swedish government to carry out new building projects which in various ways are representative of our nation. We also administer state-owned forests and land in a sustainable manner so as to preserve bio diversity and maintain reindeer pasture lands for the benefit of future generations.

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