About us

Through the State, ten million Swedes are co-owners of a cultural heritage. It is on the people's behalf that we at the National Property Board Sweden care for today's and create tomorrow's cultural heritage. Together, the buildings and land tell the story of our country. The National Property Board Sweden's ambition is to bring this story to life and to make it interesting, so that all Swedes can stand up proudly and proclaim: "This is actually mine."

Under "About us" you'll find information about our undertaking and how we work, our organisation and our contact details.

The National Property Board Sweden (SFV) in brief

  • SFV manages approximately 2,300 properties with about 3,000 buildings in Sweden.
  • SFV manages 6.4 million hectares of land, representing one seventh of the surface area of Sweden.
  • SFV manages Swedish embassies, residences and institutions in more than 60 countries.
  • SFV is involved to varying degrees in seven of the 14 Swedish world heritage sites on UNESCO's list.
  • SFV shares responsibility for the country's 300 or so State-owned historic buildings (SBM) with bodies including the Swedish National Heritage Board (RAÄ), the Swedish Fortifications Agency and the Swedish Maritime Authority.
  • SFV was formed in 1993, although the organisation can trace its roots back to the 17th century.